Atlas Support Team

Got a problem? Contact a dedicated support member now! We have support all around the world so we can always be here to help you 24/7!

Quick Speeds + No Downtime!

We garuntee 99.9% uptime! We are running 7 failover IP's, and are located on dedicated servers! This means no DDoS attacks on our server!

Save Your Stealth Time!

Gotta go to school? Work? Or maybe even vacation? No worries! The moment you shut off your console, your time stops counting down! Never worry about waisted time!

Team Atlas!

Who Makes This Happen?

Person 1

Xbox Sidecar

Owner / Developer

Person 2


Sales + Support
US Support

Person 3

Only Imxge

Sales + Support
UK Support

Person 4


Sales + Support
US Support


Videos of Atlas in action!

Atlas - Cheats

Preview on Modern Warafre 2 of the cheats we are currently using. XeCheats are added to the server until we update to our own.

Token Redeeming/ MSP Spoofing

Here is a quick video on how to redeem an Atlas token correctly + MSP Spoofing! MSP Spoofing sometimes will fatal crash halfway through the download, all you have to do is restart your console then sign into the account and it should finish the download with no problems.